hello there. assalam. annyeong hasaeyo. *practising hangeul back*

wow, it took me 4 months to post a new entry in this avenue. this shall be my first entry for 2010. i was so darn busy with practicum and everything thus i could not make the time to think about what to scribble here. i was pretty much occupied with my final semester. but dont worry people, i'm back now! *jumping around like after receiving the news of the admittance of allowance*

2010 ----> the year that i have been waiting for. the year that i have been looking forward to. this year marks the final year of my study, the year that i will be graduated (in fact, i hv.), and the year that i will start working! yeeeeehaaaaa~

this year is all about transition to a new phase of life. from a student to a graduate to a real teacher. from boundaries of friends to the real working world. who knows what else 2010 has in store for me? *wink wink*