6 years.. too long to study??

it has been 4 years and 8 months since i first enter this tesl course.
and there is about one more year to finish it. time flies....
but doesn't it feel long? perhaps quite long since my other friends of the same age have already passed some levels of their studies while i'm still stuck here, not even near to graduating.. i have to undergo this SIX years of study.. is it too long??
my family seems to forget when i will finish. they keep asking every year and i'm still doing the same course..

often my superior siblings ask.
"awak bile abes?"
"lambat lg.. 2010.."

once my cousins asked.
"dpt posting mane?"
"blum. blaja pun xabes lg.."

i remember my uncle asked me once.
"brape tahun blaja?"
"enam tahun."
"umang ai! ekau kuar nnt jd guru bosar ko apo??"

people don't expect undergoing a teacher training course could be that long. i told them many times that my case is special. but they seems to forget it. huhu.. sometimes i feel old when going to classes with juniors as the majority. i feel like i've been left behind when compared to my school-friends. they have experienced workplaces, the real world and even got to further studies into the second degree. owh, i'm tired of waiting.. not that i don't know the hikmah of this long road of preparing myself to be a teacher. it is just me wanting to say that, 6 years of study IS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. don't you think so??

here are some pictures showing me & my fellow tesl friends from
2004 - 2008.

2004-pygmalion, 2005-tesl language camp at mpkb, 2006-hindi dance performance, 2007-gala dinner, 2008-cohort photo session at iium (far top)

roaming around KL roads

as the day to submit our action research project gets nearer, we realise that we have so much things to do. the most important part is reviewing the right and adequate literature in order to get things started (to finish the research proposal report). after several weeks of forgetfulness about the project we began our search for literature again. this time, ani decides to take us all to the national library in KL with hopes that we may find helpful materials. all the members eyu, norlie, yanti and myself agree to hunt for the wishful literature. off we went on wednesday afternoon, after signing the mere attendance of CALL class (yay!) riding eyu's car. it is of my expectation that no one really knows of where we are heading to. ani got some clues, but only if she gets there by train and taxi. i myself, i never went there. so, count me out of help. norlie and yanti aren't familiar with KL roads as well and eyu, who usually has a poor sense of direction indoors but good at the outdoors are as helpless. instead of going direct to the destination (which is believed to be near taman tasik titiwangsa and istana budaya), we guessed the lane to be taken and end up lost in KL roads. hahaha... but what interesting is that neither of us got frustrated by it. we instead enjoyed the lost and changed the destination. hehe.. we ended up visiting midvalley megamall and spent the afternoon there. everyone was smiling when we at least reached a destination. it was fun and amusing to go through the same road twice. haha... we took it as roaming through KL and at least we got to see dataran merdeka (first time for me & yanti) twice! haha..

from good intentions of going to the library to find books, we changed our course to shooping and dining at midvalley. at least we brought home some books for eyu and i bought ourselves a pictorial book and novel respectively. we head home at 8.40 pm and amazingly the journey home was at first a lost too. we drove away into damansara and ttdi to be specific. huhu... what a journey. we had our group discussion inside the car on the way home. it was a very fun and funny experience. eyu had told her ibu that we're going to the library and in fact, we didn't. haha... so, the moral of the story is, do not roam around KL without map in your hands. you will never find Perpustakaan Negara. hahaha

boycott: should we? must we?

the world is taken aback by the violent attack of the Zionist regime on Palestine somewhat two months ago. everyone regardless of religion is outraged by the war. the world responded with anger towards Jews. then, everywhere around the world people are shouting, "STOP THE WAR ON GAZA!" , "FREE PALESTINE!" , "SAVE PALESTINE" and not forgetting "BOYCOTT ISRAEL!". the Muslim society especially is urged to take some serious action including boycotting Israeli products and also American (the infamous ally of israel) products as well. most muslim responded to the urge and started to boycott all Israeli and American products and the fight againts Israel is going on in a rapid and strong manner. little by little, people are distancing away from mcdonalds, kfc, pepsi, maybelline, and all the brands under the list to be boycotted for the brands have been known to support Israeli army. people are going for alternatives instead. although the choice is not of the same good quality, Muslim society is insisting on keep on boycotting for that is the least we muslim could do to help our brothers there. the boycott seems to have some adverse impact. the economy of those companies of the affected brands is deteriorating.

here in Malaysia, the war is not really felt and that is why not all poeple gives the same respond. eventhough mcdonalds restaurants are getting empty everyday, there are still people going and spending their money on the boycotted brands. campaign however is keep on going. posters and messages are pasted and forwarded respectively here and there. as ignorant as people usually are, many still ignore the calling. one of the reasons being said that they still want to use the products because of their quality. products of the alternative brands are known to be not as good as the famous brands. and some still act like they do not care and keep on standing on the stance that "i can lead my life as i wish and mind our own bussines". sad to say, i was among them. to be truthful, even after the war in Gaza, i keep on buying boycotted products because i could not bare buying some mediocre stuffs with less satisfactory effects. yes, as consumers we are subject to purchase and use the products of our liking. but today, i realise that that is not something that we should do. after consulting my respected ustaz, Dr. Kabuye, i began to understand the underlining meaning of all the boycotting act. it is not like i dont know, it is just me being ignorant. Dr. Kabuye lectures me on the significance of the boycotting act.

  • choosing not to boycott is unislamic as it helps the enemy (Jews) to attack other Muslims
  • leave the boycotted products if you can still live without it. you can still live your life as you would normally do and you can still look for alternatives. life is all about making the right choice.
  • forget about the tastefulness of the said products, think more of our Muslim brothers' suffering.
  • if you cannot go into wars and fight, this is the least you can do before reciting doa (as a last resort).
  • if it is difficult for you to stop using the products, reduce the usage little by little. new changes are undeniably hard to grasp if done abruptly. so, go slow and reduce the amount of money you spend for those products day by day. soon, you will get to the stage where you feel fine to live without those products.
  • dont worry about causing the employees of the companies of the said products to later become jobless (due to the big loss of their companies) because they still have people helping them here. our poor Muslim brothers in Gaza have no one else to turn to if not us..
  • all Muslims should be together in fighting against the Zionist and should not take the stance of being nafsi nafsi (selfish).
  • things like computers and softwares that we have no other alternatives to choose from (non-american of non-israeli made) are still can be used as it is the state of darurah. whether we like it or not, we have to use it. boycotting does not apply here.

there. after a long explanation, i understand why do we need to support the boycotting. all products of boycotted brand that i own right now should be used until they run out of stock and then i should start looking for other alternatives. dear Muslim brothers, let us not be ignorant and please care for our ummah. our Prophet (saw) would be very sad if we cannot commit even this one act of fighting the kufar. Allahu Akbar. may we all be blessed and may Allah save our Muslim brothers in Palestine.

and the journey begins..

welcome to "edennyo avenue"!

since 2006, i have not attended myself to any blog activity and now suddenly the crave to have a new blog strikes out. i feel so much inspired when viewing some friends' blogs. then came the idea of creating "edennyo avenue" and this post is to mark my beginning to the world of blogs.. it feels so good to be back! feel free to visit and comment at anytime. =)

life is a journey and this avenue is just one of hundreds means along the journey. hang on, buckle up and let us cruise through it as the journey begins..