i cant believe i only have 6 entries between this and the previous year parting entry. what that marks? of course my lack of focus in my interests and commitment to this dear blog of mine. besides, it's not like there are many people waiting impatiently for my updates. haha.

i want to make this a custom. listing what have happened this year on the very final day to look back at all the improvements, happenings, memories, and the most importantly, changes in my life. it is some kind of a reflection i might say. let us take a look down the alley of 2010...

january: -practicum phase II commenced.
-living in a new renthouse with new housemates in Paya Rumput (the irritating landlady)
-experience life as a teacher
february: -my latest niece was born (Nur Afiqah, my sister's 2nd child)
april: -practicum ended (nice memories at SK Belimbing Dalam)
-cohort 3 farewell dinner that caused so many controversy but i attended gleefully
-parting with dear friends of 6 years (and more years to come, i hope)
-the beginning of house habitation (loafing around, unemployed)
may: -i ruined my sis-in-laws portable hard disk worth of 300GB. just great.
june: -back to the "most memorable" place to attend KISSM
-reunion with my dearest TESL cohort 3 girls, living together side by side in the hostel (sweet memories)
july: -the posting buzz started
-the irritating tmpoint clerk disgusted me over tmnet streamyx matters (remains unsolved until now)
august: -back to iium for clearance
-eyu's shocking news
-one whole fasting month at home (the first since i was 12)
september -hari raya at Pantai Remis, Perak (the first after 31 years)
-the unpleasant days of waiting for posting news
-robe collection (reunion with dearie c3 girls at iium)
-my birthday
october: -CONVO!! (the happiest moments in my life to date)
-posting (the beginning of my profession as a teacher)
-getting used to working life
november: -working hard training the pupils for performance at end-of-year prize-giving ceremony
december: -got my first car! NCL 3508 myvi SXi manual medallion gray. (such an awesome feeling to wake up with my car in mind)
-practised back driving (i'm not that bad after 6 years of halt)
-apath's wedding & kelantan trip (reunion with the beloved girls again)
-rode an intercity train for the first time! (nice experience)
-visited ain to see her daughter iman zihni (chubby cuddly cutey)
-first time getting paycheck (having a hard time managing it)
-purchased my first broadband modem (maxis)
-realisation of ustaz's kabuye prediction to be not happening

there. this and thats of 2010. what a memorable year. let us hope for a brighter future.

p/s: what shall 2011 have in store for me????