no family portrait this year.
for five consecutive years, we have been gathering all our family members to cramp in a studio to have a family portrait during hari raya. but that doesn't happen this year.

for one thing, we haven't had a decent meeting that marks a full attendance.
my brothers & sisters were celebrating hari raya else where (in-laws).
so did us. no one was home at our Kuala Pilah kampung house last hari raya.
we ran away to Perak and celebrated hari raya at my aunt's place due to some conflict with our neighbour. *this is the simplest i can say. any more elaboration will lead to hundreds of pages*

there you go. disappointed to not have a family portrait this year? hell yeah.

to joke around about it, we simply think that perhaps it is because the wall has no more room for another huge family portrait. the previous 5 portraits had taken all the space. what to do? there are so many of us. brothers and sisters only makes 8 of us. haha.. in total, there are 18 members in our family, for now. and the number keeps growing. :)

however i hope that we will have one soon.

*for now i just stare at my convocation ceremony photographs. proud moments that were. hehe